Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Rhetorical Question and a Reminder...

The last few days, I've been asking myself: Why is it that we are so much quicker to be kind or understanding towards someone who we know is going through hard times?  On the face of it, the answer is obvious, but really, how many people do we encounter everyday whose stories we don't know, and yet if a confrontation arises we seldom give them the benefit of the doubt, or allow them some slack before judging them?

With the same mouths we praise God and curse men.  Note to self: quicker to listen, slower to speak.  Quicker to laugh, slower to anger.


  1. Maybe so, but I can't live up to them myself! A couple days after writing this I got in an argument with a customer when I should've just kept my cool. Just a reminder that we have all fallen short. In the end, "Tout est grâce" (Georges Bernanos), non?

  2. quick to listen, slow to speak. its a good lesson that never seems to settle and take root. always needs replanting. and a branch out from that: you know those overly enthused about their life choices people who honk and wave frantically if they drive past someone in the same car? i just did that, figuratively, reading this.